by Stan Makson

Director/Chairman of Finance Committee, SLWLA

Beginning May 1, 2016, the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Board and CAS have decided to improve the dues payment method for Members who choose to pay annual dues on a monthly basis. This improvement utilizes the Alliance Association Bank Payment System (Alliance). SLW Members will no longer be using the previous CAS debit payment method. It is important to note that action for this new payment method must to be taken before the end of the month.

The reasons for the change are:

1. Improve Security and Control: By transacting directly with Alliance Association Bank versus via a third party (CAS), we eliminate a potential security risk regarding financial information.

2. Information:  Alliance will email notifications to you regarding each payment, keeping you informed of the amounts, dates paid, etc.  They maintain a Customer Service phone and electronic message capability to meet customer needs.

3. Customer Service:  Alliance has a customer focus reputation and provides extended phone and online access.

4. Long-term solution:  Alliance Bank is focused on providing services to Home Owner Associations (HOA’s) and their members and maintaining a leading role in providing ever improving services.  Alliance is a premier provider of banking services to HOA’s.

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The April 29 edition of The Seven Lakes Times is now available for download in pdf format. You can download a high-quality PDF here, or, if you have a slower internet connection, download a smaller PDF here.

Highlights of this 32-page edition include:

- Newly elected SLLA President Greg Lishawa says the past is the past and the newly-constituted Board of Directors aims to get things done efficiently, while making sure to listen to input from the membership.

- Former SLLA President Steve Ritter told the Board that the resounding defeat of a proposed $35 dues increase was a protest by members who felt the Directors had decided to build the new pasture fence and get rid of lifeguards without regard to input from the community.

- The SLLA Board approved a new set of rules for pool operations, in anticipation of an expanded pool season utilizing a new electronic access system and attendants rather than lifeguards.

- SLLA Lakes & Dams member Bob Miller helped a couple of Foster Lakes experts sample fish populations in all the SLLA lakes. Early results suggest a lack of food fish for the bass, despite the fact they pulled a 23-inch largemouth out of Lake Echo.

- Moore County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Grimesey presented the School Board's request for a nearly $1.3 million increase in County funding to the Board of Commissioners.

- Chairman Picerno made it abundantly clear that the responsibility for funding school operations belongs to Raleigh -- despite the fact that Moore County taxpayers currently foot the bill for 311 MCS positions.

- Commissioner Randy Saunders said the number of positions funded locally had grown by 22% since FY2009.

- The Commissioners honored Moore County's top volunteers during their April 19 meeting.

- A conditional use rezoning for a solar farm on Airport Road was turned back to give family members — owners of adjacent parcels — an opportunity to work out their differences.

- West End Elementary fourth graders took the Pet Responsibility pledge. We have photos.

- First Bank execs gave WEE fourth graders a primer on budgeting and saving. Janna has the story.

- Harry looks for the face of God in the face of recent disasters; Bob Miller has some thoughts on the economics of people versus technology; Bob Carpenter thinks Foxfire Village should learn to live within its means; and lots of folks want to thank you.

Download the high-quality PDF edition (or, if you have a slower internet connection, download a lower-quality pdf edition) and read it all this morning, pick up a copy at locations all over Seven Lakes this afternoon, or check your mailbox tomorrow.

Monday, April 25

• Nature’s Book Club – 9 am, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. Choosing among the countless foods nature offers, omnivores have to learn what is safe, and what isn't. Pollan’s work traces different food chains from ground to table, reveals the hidden components humans ingest, and explains how food tastes reflect their environmental and biological past. Weymouth Woods, 1024 Fort Bragg Rd., Southern Pines, 910-692-2167. Free and open to the public.

• Planting for Success in the Sandhills – noon to 1 pm, Free Lunch and Learn program. Janet Peele of Aberdeen Florist & Garden Center will talk about plants that are proven winners. Peele will share her years of experience of growing plants in the Sandhills. Bring your lunch, Ball Visitor Center, Sandhills Horticultural Gardens. Gardens provide drinks. Register by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• SEARCh Family Support Program – 12 pm - 1 pm, parent support group meeting, at Moore County Health Department Training Room, Carthage. A time for those with children who have behavioral, emotional, or learning challenges to share their experiences and learn from others. Lunch and material are free. To register, contact Shirlyn Smith @ 919-906-7103 or toll free 877-776-6599 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• “Memory Monday” – 4 pm - 5 pm, “Creativity in Older Adulthood: Good for Memory, Good for Mood” part of the Hippocampus School for the Healthy Brain series. Topic will be presented by Taeh A. Ward, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist with Pinehurst Neuropsychology. 215-0900, Senior Enrichment Center, 8040 NC Highway 15-501, West End.

• Eagle Springs Baptist Church – 5:30 pm, Children's Bible Study and Fellowship (ages 3-12), 6 pm, Middle School and High School Youth Group.

• Weight Watchers Meeting – 5 pm to 6 pm, at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, 1145 Seven Lakes Drive, Seven Lakes.

• Sandhills Natural History Society – 7 pm at Weymouth Woods Auditorium, 1024 Ft. Bragg Rd., Southern Pines. Dr. Eugenia Bragina, a North Carolina State University Researcher, will speak on “Population dynamics of large mammals in Eastern Europe and Russia during political and economic upheavals since 1974." Visitors welcome. Weymouth Woods Auditorium, 1024 Ft. Bragg Rd, Southern Pines 910-692-2167 or

• Sunflix at the SunriseEye in the Sky, 7:30 pm. Sunrise Theater, 250 NW Broad Street, Southern Pines (910) 692-3611.


Tuesday, April 26

• Healing Service – 11 am, St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church. 1145 Seven Lakes Dr., Seven Lakes. Intercessory prayers for the sick & troubled, those in harms way, traveling, bereaved or deceased. Reverend Carol Burgess. All are welcome.

• Seven Lakes Kiwanis Club – lunch at 11:30 am, meeting at 12:05 pm. Fellowship Hall of the Chapel in the Pines. Visitors are welcome.

• West End Presbyterian Church – 2:30-4:30 pm, Tuesday Tutoring  Crawford Center.

• Trivia Tuesday at Sandhills Winery – 6 pm to 8 pm. 1057 Seven Lakes Drive. 673-2949.

• Seven Lakes West Landowners Association – 7 pm, meeting. West Side Park Community Center. Review agenda.

• Sunflix at the SunriseEye in the Sky, 7:30 pm. Sunrise Theater, 250 NW Broad Street, Southern Pines (910) 692-3611.

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Due to some technical difficulties, the April 15 edition of the Seven Lakes Times will be delivered to Seven Lakes mailboxes on Saturday, April 16. The PDF version will be posted online on Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

One more vote, scheduled for this Thursday, will do away with lifeguards at the Northside swimming pool for the coming swim season.

During their Thursday, February 25 Work Session, the Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] Board of Directors voted to forward to the next Open Meeting President Chuck Leach's motion "to authorize management to obtain a pool manager and attendants for the 2016 season."

The Open Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 3, at 7:00 pm.

During the Work Session, Director Bob Racine presented the Recreation Committee's recommendation that the Board continue to employ lifeguards from noon to 5:00 pm during the Summer school vacation, while extending pool hours from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

The pool would be operated on a "swim at your own risk" basis during  hours when no lifeguard is present.

The Recreation Committee proposed reserving 6:00 am – 8:30 am for adult only swim, with water aerobics from 8:30 am to 9:15 am. Swim lessons would be offered from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and the pool would be closed for maintenance from 11:30 am 'til Noon.

Lifeguards would be employed from Noon to 5:00 pm. At 5:00 pom, the pool area would be cleared, as lifeguards were replaced by pool attendants, who would remain on duty from 5:15 pm to 9:00 pm.


Schedule too complicated

Leach, who has been a consistent opponent of retaining lifeguards, objected that the proposed schedule was too complicated.

"I ran into someone at McDonald's who said you need a roadmap to to decide when you can take your kid to the pool," he said.

Leach argued that it is very difficult to acquire and manage lifeguards — and that employing them only five hours per day would make that task even more difficult.

He also argued against having lifeguards on a part time basis, "for reasons of accountability." Previously, Leach has argued that having lifeguards during only a portion of the day would increase the Association's liability in case of an accident. He has also argued that the Association bears more liability risk with lifeguards than without lifeguards.

Barbara Keating, who served as SLLA pool manager during the 2013 and 2014 swim seasons, urged the Board to continue to utilize lifeguards at the pool.

"During the peak time, when all the kids are out of school, when they are at the pool with their parents, or sometimes without their parents, lifeguards are needed there not just for the safety, but also for  supervision," she said. 

"When a little kid is running across the pool, and we blow the whistle and say 'Walk.' When they are standing on the Do Not Dive sign and they go diving in. When they cut themselves, and we are administering band-aids and peroxide."

"When an elderly gentleman slipped on the ladder, and he was on coumadin, and he was bleeding profusely, we were able to call 9-1-1 and bandage him up until he was serviced by the paramedics."

"I'm expressing my concern as a former manager and lifeguard," Keating concluded, "that we need lifeguards."

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The military brought Bob Zschoche to Moore County — though it was his son-in-law who was transferred to Ft. Bragg rather than Zschoche himself.

Zschoche’s own military career had ended in retirement several years earlier. But the Army had taken the Iowa native and Ohio State grad plenty of places, from Hawaii to Vietnam and ultimately to Washington, DC, where he served several tours in the Pentagon.

Zschoche — it’s pronounced “shock-ee” — is one of two candidates vying to replace Randy Saunders on the Board of Commissioners. Since no Democrat has filed for that seat, the result will be decided in the March 15 Primary Election. 

Times Editor Greg Hankins interviewed Zschoche on Monday, February 8.


Why Run?

It was a school and the  School Board that triggered Zschoche’s decision to run for the Moore County Board of Commissioners — that and an Ace Hardware Store.

“The trigger was what the School Board did to Dr. Grimesey,” Zschoche told The Times in an interview on Monday, February 8. He was referring, of course, to the abrupt dismissal of Moore County Schools [MCS] Superintendent Dr. Bob Grimesey last year.

“They may have had the right reasons to do that, but they went about it in the wrong way. If they had gone about it in a different way, they would not have subjected themselves to the criticism they faced.”

“I fully support the right of any elected body to hire and fire staff that the law allows them to hire and fire,” Zschoche said. “You can do that smartly, in a way that is in the best interests of your constituents, or you can do it stupidly.”

 “When I saw that, I said: The School Board needs adult supervision.”

 What that triggered is: It’s time to get beyond Whispering Pines.”

 Zschoche has been a member of the Whispering Pines Village Council since 2005, He served as Mayor from 2007 to 2015. 

 “Another trigger was when a young lady in Whispering Pines said, “Mr. Mayor, we moved to Whispering Pines because of the good Sandhills Farm Life School district. Once we were enrolled, we found out that it is so overcrowded that it’s suspect whether or not my child is getting the education she should.’”

“The ultimate trigger that caused me to file,” Zschoche said, “Was a company called Ace Hardware.” The current District IV Commissioner is Randy Saunders, also a former member of the Whispering Pines Village Council. Saunders is building a new Ace Hardware store in Southern Pines.

“I would not have dreamed about trying to run against Randy,” Zschoche said.

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Frank Quis thinks the current Moore County Board of Commissioners have done a good job — a good job he’d like to continue. And, with eighteen years in municipal government, he has considerable experience to back up that judgement.

Times Editor Greg Hankins interviewed Quis on Monday, February 8. He’s one of two candidates vying to replace Randy Saunders on the Board. No Democrat has entered the race, so the result will be decided in the March 15 Primary Election.

Asked why he decided to run for Commissioner, Quis said: “Because we have two county commissioners that have decided not to run, there will be a void in leadership. The five commissioners have done a very good job, and my reason in running is to continue that. I feel like my experience and business and municipal government will be valuable.”

Quis, a native of Statesville, moved to Moore County in the late 1970s after graduating from the University of Tennessee. He ultimately joined the family business, a company that sells sophisticated woodworking equipment — much of it computer controlled — to various types of manufacturers, from upholstered furniture to boat building.

Quis served on the Southern Pines Town Council for eight years, from 1989 to 1997, before being elected Mayor, a post he held from 1997 to 2007.

Asked whether there are significant differences in county and municipal government, Quis said a major difference is that the County has responsibility for school funding — “which is a much more important part of someone’s life, when it comes to their children. Are their children getting a good education? And are they going to school in a safe and secure building? As opposed to dealing with sewer and garbage and some of the things that are typical of a municipality.”

“The County also manages things like social services, service to the aging, and a host of other responsibilities that a municipality does not. So it is very different.”

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A possible deal for the purchase of Beacon Ridge Country Club has fallen through. Club owners Don & Rhonda Billings are considering their options, while planning to continue to operate the Club in the meantime.

The Club was listed with broker Hilda W. Allen as an auction sale initially scheduled to be concluded on February 4.

But, when a potential buyer approached the broker with an offer outside the auction, the date was pushed back to February 16. A letter of intent was signed, with a formal contract pending

In a February 22 letter to the Club membership, Billings said the buyer "suffered a sudden and devastating loss of a close family member."

Allen recommended cancelling the auction, and Billings agreed. The realtor and auction company then announced that the auction was cancelled because the property was under contract. 

"I understand that a couple of days after the death of the potential buyers' family member," Billings wrote, "he talked with a representative of the real estate company and said he would get back later regarding the purchase. So far, he has not."

"I therefore assume that he is no longer a potential buyer," he added.

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Lifeguards, or not?

Two visions of how the Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] should operate its pool this coming swim season appear headed for a showdown during the Board of Director’s Thursday, February 25 Work Session.

During the Thursday, February 11 SLLA Open Meeting, President Chuck Leach reminded landowners that the Recreation Committee had been assigned the task of coming up with new rules for pool operations.

“It is the Board’s intention to open the pool for longer hours for the use of all residents,” Leach said. “Lifeguards are extremely difficult to obtain and maintain throughout the season.”

“This Board was adamant, for reasons of liability, in not combining the use of lifeguards and pool assistants. Management is only developing a salary guide for our future pool assistants.”

Leach noted that recommendations are due from the Recreation Committee at the February 25 Work Session.

Though a fully formed plan for management of the pool has not been laid out or voted on by the Board, Leach previously presented a Powerpoint presentation indicating a desire to have the pool open from May 1 to September 30, possibly from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm — and to eliminate lifeguards entirely.

Access to the pool would apparently be controlled through the use of attendants during some hours of operation and, during other times, an electronic card access system. That system has been discussed in general terms in Board meetings, but its cost has not been revealed, nor has the Board voted to purchase and install it.

The Recreation Committee has already recommended utilizing lifeguards during those parts of the extended schedule when the pool is likely to be most heavily used — particularly by children — e.g., 11:00 am-4:00 pm or Noon to 5:00 pm during Summer school vacation.

It appears the Committee will stick with that recommendation — not the least because a number of community members have expressed a desire to have lifeguards at least part time.

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Frederick Reid (Fred) Lawrence died on Friday, February 19 at The Inn at Quail Haven, Pinehurst, NC after months of declining health.  

Lawrence was born in Sanford to Alice Pender and Thaddeus Mayo Lawrence.

Following graduation from high school, he attended North Carolina State University. His first career position was with Mutual of New York Life Insurance as a field underwriter. He was twice named Southeastern Underwriter of the Year and was a member of “The Million Dollar” roundtable for many years.  

His first love, however, was real estate development and that led him to Moore County and Seven Lakes which he founded in 1972.  The Seven Lakes community was his passion and home. Fred loved to eat at various restaurants locally and across the country and always said it was “the best he has ever eaten." Other hobbies included playing with the grandchildren, hunting, poker night, and visiting with friends.

Lawrence was preceded in death by his parents, four sisters, and five brothers.  He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Mary York Lawrence, two children: Pat Harrison and husband Larry, Joel Lawrence and friend Carolyn Turner; one brother, Joseph T. Lawrence and wife Betty, sister-in-law Isabel Lawrence; six grandchildren Sarah Franklin and husband Jason, Carrie Barber and husband Lance, Preston Stackhouse and wife Lora, Paige Harris and husband Matt, Joanna Baumgart and husband Rob and Tabitha Jones.  Lawrence is also survived by eleven great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews that he loved dearly.

Fred was a faithful member of the West End United Methodist Church and nurtured his Christian spirit under the leadership of his pastor and friend, Reverend Dr. Won Namkoong.

The family would like to give special thanks to Fred’s brother-in-law, Glenn York and wife Evelyn of Sanford and their family for all their diligent care and attention during his illness.  The family would also like to recognize the caring and loving staff of Quail Haven and the support offered by First Health Hospice. 

Services will be held on Friday, February 26 at 11:00 am at  West End United Methodist Church.  The family will receive friends immediately following the service in the fellowship hall.  Following the visitation, a private family service will be held at the Seven Lakes Cemetery. 

In lieu of flowers the family suggest  that memorials may be made to West End United Methodist Church Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, PO Box 276, West End, NC 27376 or to First Health Hospice and Palliative Care, 150 Applecross Road, Pinehurst, NC 28374.

Online condolences may be made at

Boles Funeral Home of  Seven Lakes is serving the family.


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