[Clarification - Westside Treasurer Dale Erickson informs The Times that we made an error in our reporting on the Tuesday, August 27 meeting of the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association.

We reported that the Association would be discontinuing the monthly payment option for dues. Erickson tells us this is wrong on two counts: first, because no decision has been made, and, second, because he is recommending not the discontinuation of the monthly payment option, but only the discontinuation of the coupon books currently used to make monthly payments. Monthly payments would still be accepted -- if the Board adopts Erickson's recommendations -- but they would be handled through a direct debit of the landowner's bank account. Any decision on changing the payment structure would not be effective until the next fiscal year, which begins on May 1, 2014.

The Times regrets the error.

Here's a clarification that Erickson posted on the Westside website:

During the August 27, General Session, Treasurer Erickson presented the Seven Lakes West July Financials in a PowerPoint format. A portion of Erickson's presentation was a review of delinquent fees, and he stated "Delinquent property owners create additional administrative costs and hinder our cash-low process. Next fiscal year a revised and simplified system is being considered and which may consist of a) Pay lump sum, or be) Monthly bank direct debit."

The PowerPoint presentation authored by Treasurer Erickson is available for review on our web site.

The Seven Lakes Times apparently misquoted the Erickson presentation, as he spoke from the PowerPoint slide (which is documented on the web site), and he did not say that a decision had been made in any fashion.

However, the motivation for the "Delinquent Fee" portion of the presentation is the fact that our annual costs of coupon books is approximately $3,500.00, and that, on a monthly basis, almost 200 landowners are over 30 days delinquent, and follow-up administrative costs are incurred. This is what Treasurer Erickson feels is unacceptable, and some changes are in order.]

SLWLA LogoNancy Workman will serve out the unexpired term of Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Director Rosemary Weber. Weber’s resignation was announced, and Workman’s appointment unanimously approved, by the Westside Board during its Tuesday, August 27 regular meeting.

Weber’s husband, Ron Weber, died on July 28.

SLWLA President Jack Stevens praised Weber’s work as Director in charge of recreation. Weber and her committee have been responsible for planning and hosting a wide variety of family-friendly events for the Westside community.

Weber’s term was slated to end in March 2014, so her resignation created a short term opening on the Board of Directors.

“The nominating committee has met and discussed several excellent candidates at this time,” Director Ed Cockman reported, recommending resident Workman. “Nancy has had a long standing history in our community. She has many years of experience running her own business.”

The board vote unanimously in favor of Workman, who took her new director’s seat for the remainder of the meeting.

The Board voted early in the year to reduce the number of Directors from nine to seven. Duties of both the Recreation Director and the Safety and Security Director will be turned over to CAS staff. Workman will oversee the reorganization of events planning and work with CAS Manager Jeannette Mendence in defining responsibilities for community events and amenities.

Dealing with delinquents

In a continuing effort to address the issue of property owners who are delinquent in paying Association dues and fees, the Board and management have taken action to inconvenience the delinquent property owners.

“We have disabled their barcode at the gate,” Treasurer Dale Erickson reported. “They have to get a hang tag each day.”

Nine of thirty-seven delinquent property owners that were turned over to the association’s attorney have brought their payments up to date.

“It is still a problem area and is affecting our cash flow,” Erickson said.

In an attempt to avoid late payments, the Association will do away with monthly payments. [Please see clarification at the head of this article.]

“We are going back to paying a lump sum," Erickson said. “It will also save us $3,600 a year in coupon booklets.”

Youth Triathlon approved for Johnson’s Point

The ACS Lakers Youth Triathlon Club will hold a competition at Johnson’s Point in Seven Lakes West. The SLWLA Board voted unanimously to host the event, scheduled for Saturday, September 28 event from 8:00 am to Noon.

“I think it’s an absolutely fantastic idea, and seems likes something we should do,” Director Jim Pierman said.

Director Bruce Keyser agreed: “It is an extremely well laid out plan. I would like to thank them for what they are doing for the youth in the surrounding area.”

During the public comment portion of the meeting Tri Club Trainer and Westside resident Dennis McLaughlin thanked the board.

“I would like to thank everyone for giving us this opportunity,” he said. “It is a fantastic event, and I would like to encourage everybody to come out and watch. It is really wonderful watching these kids compete.”

New Appointees to Beacon Ridge Committee

In July, the Board voted to create an ad-hoc committee for the purpose of facilitating the ongoing viability of Beacon Ridge Golf and Country Club. During that meeting President Stevens read a long list of residents who had agreed to serve.

At the August meeting, the Board voted to add to the committee Roger Smith, John Hoffmann, and Larry Sizemore. The panel was scheduled to have its organizational meeting on Wednesday, September 4.

Remodeling the Front Entrance

A design contract for the remodeling of the front entrance to Seven Lakes West should be in place by early September, Director Jim Pierman reported. Once the contract is signed the work on the final design will begin.

The Front Entrance Construction Committee Chairman and overall Project Manager will be will be former SLWLA President Mick Herdrich. Also serving on the committee are Jim Pierman, John Hoffman, John Goodman, Ed Cockman, and Don Freiert, all either current or former SLWLA Directors.

Director Erickson praised “Ron Shepard and the front entrance.”

“I think we would all agree we have the prettiest entrance in Moore County,” Erickson said. “The new front gate design when finished will blow everybody’s mind and enhance property value.”

Ask before you Dig

The Architectural Review Committee [ARC] recommended requiring advance approval for significant changes to landscaping after a property is occupied.

“The ARC would like to include landscaping changes after occupancy, which includes significant changes like retaining walls,” Director Dan Blue said. “Retaining walls would require prior approval of ARC.”

The ARC would refer to a topographic map to determine if gradient would interfere with drainage.

Landscaping that produces a screen wall or fence that interferes with the view of the lake or golf course would also not be allowed. The board voted unanimously to require prior approval of the ARC.

The ARC also asked for a new regulation that would require that tracing wire would be included on any future installation of any kind of underground utilities, sewage, or water lines.

“Anything that we would do would have tracing wires on it,” Director Jim Peirman said. “The line we just put in has tracing wires on top of it. Having tracing wires put on anything underground would be very important.”

The Communications Committee is working with ARC to streamline the approval process for landowners by creating a user-friendly online form.

“We are working to make the ARC a kinder, gentler committee and make it easier for members to get what they need to get done,” Blue said.

Trailers on the Block

Apparently, selling an abandoned trailer is not that easy in North Carolina. The SLWLA had planned to auction off trailers abandoned in the boat and trailer storage lot. But the Division of Motor Vehicles required that the trailers must be registered before they are sold.

“It put a hold on the auction,” Director Keyser said. “It will move forward as soon as the paper work is done.”

County Wide Endeavor

President Stevens reported on the recent meeting of the Greater Seven Lakes Community Council with the Moore County Board of Commissioners.

“During the meeting the Commissioners invited us as a community to get actively involved on an ongoing basis instead of complaining,” Stevens said. “The more we do that, the better off things will be for us. We need to be proactive, and I underscore the importance of it.”

“I would like to give a special thanks to Ed Silberhorn and Ron Shepard, who have had a long-standing effort to convince or motivate Aberdeen Carolina and Western to clean up railroad ties on the right way. The Board of Commissioners staff and Chamber members helped make some progress there,” Stevens said.

Last Summer Concert

In the last Summer Concert of the season, the McKenzie Brothers will perform Friday, September 6, 7:00-9:00 pm at Johnson’s Point.

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